Yin Yang

Opposite embrace

The day that fades to make room for darkness. The deep night that opens at dawn. The extreme that calls upon its opposite: light and shadow, sky and earth, male and female become one, driven by the force of a desire that creates beauty. Yin and Yang, the two opposing principles that in Chinese philosophy form the basis of the world and its future, inspire the newest family of Mattioli jewelry that bears its name. Rings – new and surprising – are reborn every time they are handled, in a happy gesture that connects the two separate links. The encounter transforms: the ring lives around the finger, and just like a spell it breaks when removed. The two parts, once again separate, are combined again to form new rings, created based on color preference, or the desire to contrast the smooth metal surface with the textured brilliance of pavé. The opulent, rounded effect of a ring that is continuously reborn, offering a new, fascinating harmony every single time. The game of coupling is extensive: elements in polished white, pink or black gold are paired amongst themselves, or alternated with precious elements enhanced by white brown or black diamonds, or even with the intense, pure storm of Iolite and Tsavorite.

Rounding out the line are the bracelet and earrings in rose gold and diamonds which, through a refined embrace, meets “their own half” in white gold. Highly impressive.

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