Nature’s geometry

The wings of a butterfly are somehow hypnotic. Their gracefulness as they soar into the air is pure seduction for our eyes, just like their tiny venations holding the pigments – a true miniature cathedral. Licia Mattioli’s eyes, always in quest of beautiful architectures, were captured by this impressive morphology. Licia is curious, and wants to know something more about that. She then discovers the algorithm formalized by Georgij Voronoi in 1908, describing the geometrical principle behind the venations of butterfly wings and ruling lots of other different complex structures existing in nature: the giraffe’s fur, the tortoise shell, the barren soil carved by cracks far from being a random pattern.

Inside Mattioli’s laboratory, designers create a unique texture deriving from the Voronoi Diagram, while skilled goldsmiths turn it into a casting of precious metal. Here’s Voronoi, a fascinating set of pendants, necklaces and earrings, undoubtedly dominated by the stunning cuff bracelet. We are once again hypnotized by such mysterious shapes, always inspired by the inexhaustible book of nature.

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