Sinuous, shaded, colourful: three rings and three earrings: beauty on the move

In life we are always running after something and Chris Evert, the charming American tennis player knew this well. In 1987 she lost her lucky diamond bracelet on the tennis court: a good reason for interrupting an important match. This unique gesture struck the collective memory and now bracelets featuring an inline array of diamonds are known as ‘tennis bracelets’, a must-have in the jewellery world. Mattioli now presents a multicolour version, for three earrings with precious hues: amethyst, iolite, rhodolite and lavender jade; azure topaz, amethyst, iolite and turquoise; peridot, lemon quartz, prasiolite and green turquoise… all the colours of nature in faceted stones and smooth pendant boules. A simple aura, unusual the colours, the collection includes coordinated elasticated rings that adapt to any finger, enlivening it with coloured hues.

Three models for one icon. A palette whose beauty would satisfy even Mrs Evert, because if these jewels were lost on the court, it would be child’s play to find them again. Like the champions of the past, they never go unnoticed.

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