Piquant and precious, sharp but also circular

«The sources of art are not to be found in the art itself: the sources of art are to be found outside the art», said the German artist Günther Uecker, renowned for his philosophy of immediate representation and for the works from the sixties that sensationally represented everyday objects pierced by cascades of nails.

In the same way the Spike collection by Mattioli makes the nail, in all its piercing reality, the protagonist of a range that is only apparently aggressive; naturally stylized and sparkling in its golden guise. The versatility of a nail becomes a jewel with a single gesture: curving around a finger between yellow and white gold rings, or sparkling with a diamond head. Or opening to slim shank forged around the wrist in sinuous bracelets, reflected in the carved head of the earrings that evoke all the elegance of the nail for those who recognize it. Energy, matter and lack of colour: the values that the works by Uecker transmitted in all their intensity.

Just as Mattioli, with the Spike jewellery concentrates the energy of a detail whose essence is captured in a precious force.

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