The allure of the orient, springing from a harem of precious swirls and arabesques

Gold, coloured stones, diamonds and personalized Syrian silks: a collection that echoes the visions of the East and the atmosphere of the harem, from which the stylized floral designs take their inspiration. Just as the grates on the windows hid the charm of the women from indiscreet glances, so the pierced gold ‘veils’ the stones below, later revealing the colour.

Just as the ancient kingdom of Palmyra (modern-day Syria) was dominated by the beautiful Zenobia, whose jewellery and treasures were said to be even more majestic than those of the Queen of Sheba, this collection includes the timeless glints of onyx, galatite and mother of pearl combined with traditional white gold, while a persuasive pink gold once again emphasises the charm of the Mattioli collections. The skill of the expert goldsmiths, combined with the preciousness of the diamonds and the warmth of the coloured stones brings to life a collection composed of pendants, necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets, swirling, feminine arabesques. The Syrian collection, like the majority of Mattioli’s jewellery, can also be personalised by combining different materials and colours, making it possible to wear the jewellery in a variety of permutations according to one’s mood, at color of the dresses or the occasion of life.

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