Between dreams and reality

According to Erich Fromm, “Dreams are a microscope through which we look at the hidden occurrences in our soul.” With this collection, Licia Mattioli brings dreams to life. During a trip to Brazil she was enchanted by the gems enclosed in the raw stones of the geodes. But how could these precious elements of nature be brought back to reality?

The answer lies in the caprice and the beauty of the new collection Rêve_r. A name, a delightful divertissement, a well-defined personality in this pun that illustrates the oneiric design. Many-hued gems, set upside down are the protagonists of spiky allure. A daydream come true, unique pieces that glint with the green and citrine of yellow gold and peridot, white and fancy diamonds. The persuasive visions of the high-tech models, with black diamonds, rubies and white diamonds: The soft, feminine charm of pink gold with white diamonds and old-fashioned cuts; also available as a more practical wedding ring.
Dreaming of the beauty of distant destinations, riding on the inspirations presented by Licia Mattioli: the geodes of colourful stones enwrapped in rough stones, a souvenir of a trip to Brazil, have left their precise mark in the memory of the brand, returning today in a revisited iconic design.

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