The one and only

The one and only, each piece absolutely unique, was born after a morning run on a beach of pebbles similar but different in their light and their proportions, smoothed by the waves and now masterfully assimilated into a ring.

A large cabochon gem, each with a very individual personality draws the gaze as it emerges from a sparkling pave of luminous pebbles. Encircled by a crown of black or white diamonds, topazes,sapphires or other precious stones, it is an unusual homage to the cocktailring: a jewel and symbol of the Art Deco period, when it was the dernier cri for the elegant female guest at cocktail parties and the most exclusive socialite salons. Then as now, asingle ring is the precious star that makes each and every style unique andpersonal, highlighting the elegance and femininity of the wearer.

An important jewel, an act of complicity between the object and the woman wearing it that will certainly not go unnoticed. To be worn alone, a protagonist in the singular beauty of itsindividuality. Made by Mattioli in limited edition, One is an exclusive ring from all points of view: each gem is combined with different metals, so as to make each ring unique and unrepeatable, just like every stone in the front of the sea is different from another.

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