Beauty is in the air

“Clouds or stones?” One might wonder watching famous "The Battle of the Argonne"painted by Magritte, where a stone and a cloud are miraculously united in adawning sky. Magritte plays with the senses of the observer and with the strongest and most grounded convictions deprives the rock of the weight attribute, placing it beyond the law of gravity, which it is subject to by the nature.

Licia Matitoli creates its clouds wrapping multiform stones in an embrace of rough edges processed as fluffy clouds. The “Mattioli Clouds” conform to any mood: red and black for the volcanic minds, eager to transmit through hematite and pink rhodonite the tumultuous feelings of a passionate character. But also green and blue for those lovers of aquatic atmospheres, made of aventurine and lapis lazuli, who know how to get lost among the reflections of clouds that sail on a waving sea surface or in the stillness of high altitude lakes.

And as every cloud bears the particles of suspended water, around a single jewel situations can endlessly change... In the romantic irregularity of edges elaborated asfluffy clouds that embrace the stones in a hug.

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