The starry sky above me

Far from the city lights, watching the starry sky of a clear night, someone feels the very origins of our planet and the mysterious expansion of the universe, someone else foresees zodiacal influences and destinies, and finally the poet gives voice to the faltering lights, translating into a verse his lone feeling of awe.

Licia Mattioli looks at this blue velvet dome dotted with stars, and she sees the most extraordinary display of beauty nature has ever offered us. She falls in love with this refulgent vastness and she comes to find the starry vault’s symphony of lights in the earthly gems. Licia is deeply inspired, and Nuit comes to life. In this line, expression of an accurate craftsmanship, rings and earrings represent the triumph of galaxies in all their possible forms. Precious pavés chase one another, combining white, grey and black diamonds, or different shades of magnificent semiprecious gems. A fascinating weave of gems of different colours and sizes is the distinctive element of round-shaped earrings, bombé mountings and elongated drops, which seem to hold the immensity of a nocturnal sky upon the delicate surface of a feather.

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