Inspiration speeds between art and fashion to explore the precious swirls of true feelings

Sinuous, soft, seductive lines, intersecting in a never-ending twist. For this collection Licia Mattioli was inspired by the futuristic impetus of Giacomo Balla’s vortexes, reinterpreted for modern times, softening the angular geometries of the artist and recreating the turbans worn by the stars of the early twentieth century. Rounded curves, overlapping angles in white, yellow and pink gold with diamond details form the bands of the rings and earrings in the Maldamore collection.

Maldamore entwines its golds like the silks used by Paul Poiret, the Parisian couturier who dressed his guests as splendid odalisques for his unforgettable Mille ed Deuxième Nuit party. Recalling the edgy charm of Marlene Dietrich, who sported turbans in lame, or adorned with jewelled brooches and the sparkling knots of precious inspiration, the adamantine candour of the accessories so loved by Greta Garbo in the thirties.

Stories captured in the eternal virtuous circle of the Maldamore collection, which captures the sentiment of the worlds of art, cinema, fashion and beauty in the unforgettable Mattioli wefts.

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