The ironic side of a precious sensuality

Sensual symbolism, a dash between art and femininity. Real or surreal, not really matters: with its fickle smoothness, a woman’s mouth inspired Salvador Dali for his “Lips sofa”: that famous coach of the thirties dedicated to the lips of the actress Mae West.

So why not get inspired by the seductive power of lips created in pure gold with a touch of enamel and pavé of rubies orblack diamonds, which can make you feel the sweetness of a “precious” kiss? Even the vehement painter would have appreciated the piercing of diamonds, created to adorn the black enamel with seductive rock style of a precious ring in its irreverence.

And as the lips of Marilyn Monroe depicted by AndyWarhol also the movement of LIPS by Mattioli is repeated endlessly from thecascades of little kiss charms and enamelled cufflinks… get ready to lose your head!

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