Indissoluble bond

Love, when they tell you that I have forgotten you, and even when it is I who say it, when I say it to you, do not believe me.

Pablo Neruda

Whenever we feel real love, not even a lifelong goodbye is strong enough to let it fade. Poets write verses that lead us where the spontaneity of true love becomes universal. Licia Mattioli chose to express the meaningfulness of these fundamental bounds through Liaison, a poem embodied by diamonds, rose and white gold. With its not too classic look, Liaison’s distinctive mark is the pierced white gold link placed on perpendicular axes, highlighting the bound between the meshes. This peculiar detail makes Liaison absolutely unique: necklace, bracelet and earrings all represent a tight embrace, synonym of a birth, of an anniversary; of an unforgettable I love you.

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