Shades of the Orient Petal shapes in gold and diamonds, the heady curved lines of the Hiroko collection

As delicate as the petals of a flower, as light as a feather. Simple because nothing more than its shape is necessary to its total essentiality.

This is the classic minimalism of the Orient evoked by the Mattioli Hiroko collection. Simplicity designed not to deny excessiveness, but rather to show that harmony is sufficient unto itself. Like the heady fragrance of the frangipani, where each petal imitates Hiroko.

The elegant swirls – never extreme – recall the form of the flowers: drawn in pink and white gold, coloured with sanded black onyx, diamonds and white kogolong. Shapes recalled in the more nocturnal ebony earrings, or on the elements of the long chains in brushed pink gold, with finely chiseled alternating movements.

Just as cascades of cherry blossoms create concentric circles on the lakes in the gardens in Kyoto, the Hiroko collection recalls these rounded forms in gold and diamond pendants with pieces of mother of pearl, or in the simple concatenation of turned bracelets.

In harmony with the changes of Nature in its never-ending continuum of the seasons, Hiroko jewels bloom.

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