Hypnotic weaves and multicolour pavé

Fireworks: the latest inspiration for the collection by Licia Mattioli that plays with optical enchantments, chromatic flashes and multicolour fires. Once again, there is a reference to the world of art and specifically to Georges Seurat (1859- 1891) who preferred the strength of colour, made bewitching combinations of tints and blatantly ignored the function of lines, while exalting images with a masterly contrast of pictorial hues.

This was the inspiration for rings with variegated pavé, where the stones come alive in their positions and forms: constellations of sparks in morganite and tourmaline, suspended in the darkness of black diamonds, but also pyrotechnical fires created to strike the eye with burning citrine, and finally concentric rays of coloured stones orbit around a hypnotic aquamarine.

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