Straight to the heart

An indissoluble connection between a jewel and a heart: the love that migratesfrom a finger to the center of life and feelings. In this way the myth of Vena Amoris elucidates why the symbolic ring, able to seal the love between two lovers, should be worn on the left hand: there would be a vein that connects the ring finger directly with the heart. The charming ancient belief inspired Licia Mattioli to create a sophisticated line of band rings, that will suit for any romantic occasion.

The Wedding collection ring presents itself as a unique jewelry piece, that perfectly matches any woman's finger. In fact, inside the diamond bands there is a strategic titanium spring mechanism, which allows them to become real "made-to-measure" rings. The contour profile of gold ouches is designed with the initial of logo, elegantly expressing the soul of the brand: a silent detail that discreetly reveals the profound dedication of Mattioli to the uniqueness of its every jewel.

Classic band rings with one diamond each, elaborated in 3 colours of gold complete this romantic line. While a bright touch to Celebrations collection is provided by joyous colourful gold rings covered with rose, blue, indigo and red enamel.

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