Facetious portrait

Milan, second half of the Sixteenth century: a young painter works together with his father in the Fabbrica del Duomo, absorbing the decorativism typical of that time. Following Leonardo’s steps, he investigates on nature, nourishing his interest for bizarre and grotesque shapes, and along with it, he reaches a new refinement, derived from the Renaissance’s luxury craftsmanship. This ambiance allows Arcimboldo’s fantasies to be created and developed, and to be successful throughout the majority of the European courts of the Hapsburg period, where everyone fell in love with his “composite heads”. Made up of everyday objects – fruits and vegetables, books and fish, flames and shells – Arcimboldo’s portraits all unveil a magic ruse capable of gathering order and disorder, grace and eccentricity, rule and awe.

Licia Mattioli, fascinated by this visionary artist, followed her will of challenging all obstacles and created Arcimboldo, a ring which is a true masterpiece, a “mystery portrait” of fruity gems. Its complex structure is an authentic triumph of colors: rubies, sapphire stones, quartzes, tourmalines, opals and cabochon-cut amethysts turn into juicy fruits framed by small leaves made of emerald and navette-cut peridot. A splendid composition served on an elegant red gold mounting. A wonderful tribute to Renaissance, that one feels just like tasting.

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